Warehouses from 57,50€/month with 4,40m²

In SIMOL we have Warehouses free from 57,50€/month. Our Warehouses from 4,40m² are self-storage or open space, allowed a many variety solutions.

With our solutions, we allow traditional storage in open space, rental warehouses closed with key, allowing solve so frequent issues such as conservation of furniture, files and other belongings as carry out works or changes.

We also provide a solution to the lack of space in seasonal periods or long term storage of equipment, inventory, tools or other materials.

Clients can also have set of between services which are: receiving, shipping, controlo of goods and commodities and the use of a team of professionals with all the use of a team if professionals with all the equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the warehouse (pallet trucks, stackers, pallets, etc.).


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